6 juin 2000
Babel des Troubles y de Santa Sangre.

25 mai 2000


Motel Murders part 1

Highway entertainers

Fast lane
Rusted paint
Steering wheel sating back at me
Never follow me
Gasoline over your dead body

Empty souls
Dead leaves
State police
Olives trees
Whit the kiss
Hit and run
For ever drunk

White chalk
Around my naked body

Die HW
JCT 666

No coffin for foreigner
For highway entertainers

Motel Murders part 2
Dead seagulls in my warm rum

No more Motel murders in my cinema room
No more one night serial on my register
No more rooster fight over my heartbeat
Leave my vacuum dreams in another tax-free country
Forbidden, Verboten
No more comatose pride pressing my gas pedal

Slow leak, false identity
Dusty carpet ride on credit
Rusty Ferris-wheel no kid allowed
Empty bottles on ocean shore
No message
No hope
Sunset whit no horizon
Highway whit no destination
You and me naked
In Eden’s motel no trespassing
Check-out time now or never
Don’t forget me here
In my American nightmare
In my swimming pool full of rum
Whit dead seagulls floating
Don’t feed the dreamers
Don’t leave me here in remorse
Seagull don’t drive
No more chicken fight
Empty bottles on highway exit
Cheap motel conspiracy
Swimming pool and color TV
XXX car crash, never ending snuff movie
Bring me to the last area
Don’t forget me
Seagulls don’t drive
No vacancy