19 juin 2000
Je me souviens.

12 juin 2000
Motel Murders part 1

6 juin 2000
Babel des Troubles y de Santa Sangre.

25 mai 2000


Spiritual makeup.

Don't believe me when i'm on TV.

Buddha is a fat clown, a fashion soldier, an unopened bottle of coke with a junkie-genie inside. Beware, drinking my words can cause addiction. Buddha is a fat old clown on retirement with a face lift under his holy makeup. He can't accept it. Otherwise, why is he not babysitting us?
Namaste. Instant coffee. 5 minutes to heaven. Don't wait, limited offer.
Buddha is a framed star, a holy gigolo, a hope producer. I have pictures of him in unseen position. He sells guilt insurrance and he sells them cheap. Over 6 000 000 000 answers for you to choose. Buy one now and pay only in your next life. Why ? Why me ? Don't worry, tomorrow, next year, next life you will be free. Supermarket spirituality.
Kalashnikov smuggled in your white ashram.

Don't believe me when i'm on TV. Every day is a XXX horror movie category B.

Tell me, is there light at the end of your 18th hole ?