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12 juillet

4 juillet 2000
Les chainstores de l'engagement

26 juin 2000
Spiritual makeup

19 juin 2000
Je me souviens.

12 juin 2000
Motel Murders part 1

6 juin 2000
Babel des Troubles y de Santa Sangre.

25 mai 2000


Faceless facts about my universe
0400-hour, earth/ocean time.
2nd Bilÿ Kûn's Chronicles

Sexy spirit gum over my blindfold eyes, nothing coherent has ever intruded my side of the galaxy. No expansion without pretension. Have you ever talked with my loneliness? Have you ever heard about tears? Or is it just another side of a fashionable line of clothing?

Empty bars. 3AM. With the smell. The pit is open until you drop, come in my dearest friend. Feel addicted. Your drink is the open mouth of a snake. Kiss me, feel my fangs. My blood tastes poison. Love. Whore. Sperm on your chin, bottle babies, digitalis romance, nothing more to wash. Come. Fell free. Love me, I'm free, I'm garantied, I'm self diposable. I leave my door unlock, I leave my windows open, I leave my hearth for you, my beloved back stabber.

Empty streets. 4 AM. With the selfish humidity, the stollen privacy. Factless stories of lost nights. Paradise stoned out of the black list, endless spirits haunt the streets, hopeless love, wrist open like an after hour bar. Butterflies. Dead whales as usual. Forgotten nightmares and ocean over flowing. Fast sex, paid prengnancy, slow porno movie, sillicon suns dying in my stollen privacy. All of that happens here. Come. Fell free. Enter my body. The sun lies down here, so you can lie there. Help me see outside. My windows are always open, my door is unlocked for you. Please don’t tell the bad dream walker, please don’t disturb my pillows. Love me.

Cumm in my brain, 1-800-666-HEAD
$1.99/min. on your phone bill. 18+