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17 juillet
Sexy spirit gum

12 juillet

4 juillet 2000
Les chainstores de l'engagement

26 juin 2000
Spiritual makeup

19 juin 2000
Je me souviens.

12 juin 2000
Motel Murders part 1

6 juin 2000
Babel des Troubles y de Santa Sangre.

25 mai 2000


Low TideTide.
Third world entrepreneur,
Demigod of under development.
Coca-Cola and King Hassan 2 hand in hand.
The prophet baptise his nomad warriors in bleached Coca-Cola,
They sniff Tide
To raise their mind to whiteness.
There is only one God, Coke
And the president is his prophet.
We own the world,
We make it clean, white,
No more figue de barbarie,
No more Berbere,
Whiter than white,
Cleaner than clean.
No war, no coup d’état, no revolution.
Coca-Cola buys the land,
Buy Coca-Cola,
Drink Coca-Cola.
There is only one God.
Five prayers a day for the company.
Red flag.
Red label.
No Berbere, no figue de barbarie,
No more stain,
No toothache.
Heaven is a free pop distributor,
Heaven is free.
The country is a big multinational,
No more Pepsi,
Heaven is a company.
Flag co. Inc.
No more war,
Only cinema,
Movie stars,
No more propaganda,
Only Coca-Cola.
One world,
One tought,
One dollar,
Buy Amerika.
Whiter than white,
Cleaner than clean.
Coke wanted for president,
Coke wanted for mind murder,
Ransom : you and me
Your culture
My identity.
Vote for me.





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