art mécanik
motels murder


Kali's flower slaughter house temple
Kill me for free

Welcome to Kalighat, Kali's flower slaughterhouse temple.
Get in line.
White tile, blue neon, red flower blood mashed sticky on the white tile floor.
Take a number.
Two goats a day on the altar, traffic jam decapitation, death penalty on festivity, human sacrifice newly illegal, lets kill money and flowers, and soul.
Sadhu's hands sticky red.
In the center, in the refrigerator, Kali black goddess, heavy clothed because of the cold fridge temple, she is a black stone with three orange pasted eyes and one very long tongue.
Flower blood on the white tile, blue and white acid neon, pull me in the stainless steel gate, kill me with a finger on the forehead, an orange bullet between the eyes, kum kum gun powder bindi. Kalighat, destruction dock, Kalikata, Calcutta.
City goddess, half body, foundation in blood over a chopped dead finger, first sacrifice, blood on both hands, ideas to kill donated by Kitchen Aid, butchers chanting mantras, murderers with flower knife, red stain on long white shirts, pull me inside the metal mouth, only five rupees, sign the dead book, security ventilators with razor blades, with freezer noise, Kaligoddess blood black in stainless cage, feet drown red in red petal river, kill me for free.
Kill me for free.

Kaligath's flower slaughterhouse temple A/C
Donated by Kitchen Aid.

Use "Sonet" safety razor, made in India.