art mécanik
motels murder


Slum publicity
Buy my state of mind

Slum publicity, buy my state of mind, know that I’m rich while you do not eat, know what I buy while you beg, know it in the stillness of your blood. My billboards are your walls.

Slum publicity hiding shadow cast, untouchable, unseen people, house isolated with shit, slum beauty queen face covered with ashes, begging with distraction, beautiful like pain, gathering cow shit in non-Palmolive hands, black henna, brown shit, Christmas lights, movie stars, urban nomad with plastic bag tents, bombs in empty parking, dust clothes for the children, nothing to wear but dust, dirt and kohl, nose pierced empty, toothpick earrings, swimming in sewers, drinking Ganga water with the corpses like ice cubes in a fancy drink, the corpses like water sponge, the ones you burn, the 7 kinds that you don't, that you give raw to the Ganga, one billion gods living in a rotting land, adapting, polymorphing, drinking acid, eating mercury, breathing diesel, living, dying, everywhere, full bus, train full, full house hotel, capital full, suburb as long as life, houses made of billboards selling jewels isolated whit shit, signs for cellular phones as wall, backwards, upside down, with holes, rust, tetanus, metal claws, purple river snaking in the mud, oily mirror not moving, changing color and odor as it doesn't move, the billboards reflecting in it backward, this side up, changing color, odor, petrol stream sewer, fumes, portable dead sea, naked dusted flykids going in, swimming in it, living, immortal, immune, divine, as strong as a rat, mutant, co2 blood, nuclear cells, chemical plasma, Lariam, Meflakine, poison proof, Bhopal in the veins, genetic pollution, watch them grow, watch them resist hunger, resist shit, germs, infection, flies, unknown unspeakable diseases, gods in a desolated, overpopulated mythology, one eye on the past, one eye in the smog, an a third one that grows and that tries to sleep, overworked, overcrowded, underfed, analphabet, next door neighbor, exploding with babies I love you, surnatural survivor with smog smile, crowded hope, I love you. Om bomb, I love you.

Om bomb, I love you.