art mécanik
motels murder


Sri Meenakshi temple
Entry 10 Rs / photo permit 30 Rs
Temple guide 200 Rs

Powdered stigmata, butter nails, holy golden temple, living religion, monkeys, beggars, bats and gurus, holy fat sadhu with binocular. Religion is a bus. Faith is a long human river. Gods are lost fear, living security.
Garden is maintained by Bank of Madurai, LTD.

Stress, piteous anxiety, fortuneteller doesn’t remember.
Chained elephant with clown makeup dropping rupee tears, blessing frightened kids.
Black fanatics, pink monkeys, lazy beggars, precious cows, gold teeth sellers, daytime bats, lost analphabets, clown elephant with rupee tears, postcards cockroaches, carpet seller rats, blind fish hungry crowd, hurry, malaria mosquito, ash bindi, 7 high towers, rich homemade cripples counting bank notes, bottomless swimming pool, paint, colors, pigments, gods cold as stone, women hot has fire, friendship, maharajas.
Bald woman selling her hair. She doesn’t beg, she bents.
Huge mandalas, even bigger belly, living temple, living stones, living statue with powder blood, shit, bat piss, brown hands of the untouchable, hands full of queen cow excrements, bend lower.

The Brahman : Untouch my soul. Don’t even touch me with your shadow.
The untouchable : Let me clean your feet, baba, let me lick cow shit.

Cotton string Brahman, orange priest in stingy relativity, chained elephants, elephant man changes money, postcards, view of the tower, come take picture, buy my handicraft, Kashmir frontier, burned carpet, gold teeth beggars, binocular, people, lots of people, 10 000 visitors a day, you and me, 300 000 000 gods, 1 000 000 000 worshipers, even more, mass baptism, monsoon, blood ash, ash blood and flowers, light bulb at top of thousand gods tower, their stone statues alive our god dead, killed, coconuts exploding, Pakistan war and free meals, Camphor 50 tablets not for medicine, locked up deities, mass population, so many believers the god stone color powdered statues will move and break their chains, and leave on the rich elephants makeup removed, kum kum gun powder, rush hour prayer, traffic jam remorse, restoration, animals are spies, animals are spies, FBI, faith inspectors, believers bureaucrats, they want to be loved, I want to be loved, love me, I cry rupee tears.
Rupee tears.
Rupee tears.

Garden is maintained by Bank of Madurai, LTD

Les statues ont des larmes de poudre, idoles de pierre les pieds immobiles couverts de beurre, de noix, de fleurs et de fruits.
Elles sont la poudre des prochains canons.

7 shakras, six bullets, five star hotel, four speed, three eyes,
you and me,

There will always be baseball