art mécanik
motels murder


Sleeping behind the screen
Music by seagulls

Camera rolling.
Madurai's hotel is in a cinema, I sleep behind the screen. Goddess are movie stars, stable is not to far, holy cow, holy actors, the bats fly in front of the projector, the audience leaves before the generic.
There is no generic to the world's creation.
The world is a massala movie, India is a studio, sun sets are advertising, humans are not allowed in the dress circle. Regal cinema, Central cinema, Metro cinema, Saraswati cinema. All project life seen trough the third eye. Dream screen, divine love for avatar, life is three hour long, dancing is compulsory, even the bad guys do it, happy end guarantied, I am immortal, I am the audience. I live in Bollywood, heaven is a musical.

I go to the movie. Everybody is like me. But I want to be famous like them. More than them. So I am a movie star serial killer on the run, a bloody fan club for free. When I’ll be Wanted, I’ll have my name on a poster. 24 images a second, one second to die, and the movie of your life goes by. 35 mm autofocus, 30 millimeter gun, I take your picture, I take your life, one frame, one bullet, exclusivity goor paparazzi, I sell my pictures to the papers. They like them. Mister muscle is dead, Miss universe has exploded, I am the lead role, I sing and dance, I get to live when the movie ends, I am the generic.
Front page crime.
Serial killing chronicle, I am as popular as you are, I kill you, I sell you and you buy.


Six arms.
One to shake hands
One to caress
One to shoot up
One to grab the magic rabbit
One to trust the knife.
One to wave bye bye.

Three eyes.
One full of sand
One full of blood
One behind the camera.

Serial No. 2184