art mécanik
motels murder


Madam boom boom

Madam boom boom, small semen lake beautiful on your beautiful lovely tender breast where I dive in lust for the garden of Eden, for the lost apple forbidden.
Madam boom boom with third eye between your nipples so marvellous like two sunsets in my bed where you lay open naked legs like tropical paradise humid inviting me to come and to go between those lips would kiss and drink like a wishing well in my deserted dreams your lovely skin that smells like fields without mines I love to put my lips in those small shy alleys above the silk of your pubic hair. I cum.
Those soft wishes you whisper with your round soft luscious continents that you show me when you are on your knees with your back ordering my cannibal hands over the worlds of your breasts as I trust my sex in the smelling mouth of heaven that is your sex and your silk moan and your warm lips with saliva swallowed sperm as I cum.
Again you put your mouth your lips on my hungry sex wrap your lips on it make it shine make it cry for more open your tights more invite me pull me inside you push your hand on my back you put your fingers between my legs you breath you blind me with your hard nipples you rub your breast on my lips make me crazy bite my neck close your eyes bite your tongue your red tulips shake with lust hit me smile in my eyes and cum.
I love you. I need you. I sex you.