art mécanik
motels murder


Mad cow disease
Third age country eating third world land

Will I leave America before America becomes the world?
Will I die in a third age global suburb?
Will I have a napkin on my head, my back to the TV in hell's waiting room?
Will I drool over my knees?
Will I die alone?

Lost continent, bastard home, forbidden garden
Room 6 000 000 000 do not disturb
Viagra child, Prozac school, GHB rape
Trust no one, trust no mirror
One hand waving with a smile
One hand on the gun
On the second amendment
My president is Charlton Eston
Be afraid of the president that is afraid of your guns
Video war, free lance terrorist
Teenage serial killer, high school murderer
Kindergarden target
Son of Sam
Champion power
Spark plug gold
Death penality
Flag brain
Alone is an American citizen
Son of Sam and of Santa Claus
Loneliness is made in USA

Empty kitchen, empty beds
Every one dies alone
When every one is scared
When no one knows his neighbor.
Bull's eye
Every body dies.

Gods are made in India
Solitude is made in America