art mécanik
motels murder


The final Step
Self doubt die.

Now that skeletons are my friends, now that I’ve freed the crying elephants, now that I’ve thought lies to the parrots, now that I know where they make solitude and where gods go to die, I want to learn how to fly high on my own. No more squid fears, no more vacuum dreams, no more impatient screams, I learn to be feathers in people's life, I want to be a happy king. Acid pours down my doubts, I want to kill them. Kite life, ocean beds, faithful parrots, lizard luck, happy dancing elephants in my mornings, I want it all, I want to bloom, here comes the greatest circus in town, here comes the high tides, the fishes for the petrol seagull that will come back white from the wave, smiling like me, like her. I want her to be happy, we want golden fingerprint tomorrows, we want big boats of love, cargo sensuality, we want to beat the dust out of the magic carpet, to shine the crystal ball, we want three more wishes from the genie, we want to be more, we want to be free. Time has come to arrive at Eden's Motel, time has come to be a man. We want to create gods, to charm the Kundalini snake, to free the Oboro. Yalla mektoub, nice dahrma, happiness for free, let me climb the high elevator to bliss, to confidence. Make me solid, one piece of beauty, let me ride the whales, kiss the sun, let me find a home where friends grow, where mirrors are proud, where kites fly high, where I can reach the final step. XXX

7 happy snakes.


om madni padme om
vroum vroum vroum