art mécanik
motels murder


7 wishes
apple XXX, love crown, infinite travel, inner wilderness, genie hands, kite vision, happy elephant bombs
My room is a submarine in a genie bottle

Now is the time to rub the genie bottle,
To know the number of the safe
to shine the crystal ball
And to see you and me crystaly clear
Now is the time to spread the wings
To drink the sea, to ride the sky
Now is the time to be happy
To smile rainbow style
To find the words, to open the doors
To climb the proper elevator
Now is the time to open the third eye
To reveal the six arms of beauty
To speak to the dreams
To chant with the horny mermaid
To charm the 7 kundalini snake.

The city fits in my eye
The world is on my tongue
I shall be king of a new kingdom
Now is the time to kiss the 7 snakes.

Now is the time.
I’m going home.

I, kundalini snake charmer
I am going home.