art mécanik
motels murder


Sofa amnesia
Konzumacija 10 KM
The world is a private bordello.

3rd Bosnian landmine.

No sofa amnesia.
My TV and my dishwasher are the same.
There is no free game. You do not have a bonus life. You die. Bye bye.
I live, you live, he lives, she’s raped, we live, you live, they die.
It is me against my TV. I get drunk to forget. I pay love to forget. I pray god to forget. I shoot up to forget. I drown dead to forget.
No sofa amnesia.
I am a soap opera 6 o’clock news soldier.
The world is my private bordello. Happy hour, high heels, long legs, tv bomb, underwear, centerfold.
My sofa is my throne.

Srebrenica was under the protection of the international community.
That is me.
10 700 dead. Rape. Fire. Terror.
Wrong paperwork.

I accuse white memory.
I am alone against my TV.
Isuse ja se uzdam u te.
UN: Universal News, peace prostitute, soldier’s bordello. Artist.
I do no forget.
Death has a sweet flavor on full color television. Subliminal sniper. Ink river. I sell peace two for one, I have a base in every war, I keep the base after the war. Run, run, run, run, run, run, red river, I have dirty hands full of red ink and of dead lies.
Start there.
Cut here.
Do not forgive.
What happened in Srebrenica ?
11/07/1995 is a brand of fear. Do not buy oblivion two for one. A book of images of clothing and other belongings found on 354 unidentified bodies. Not
just any clothes catalogue. Buy yourself a clean conscience in a death retail brochure. Die twice. Two death for the price of one. Two truth for the farce of one. Help the mothers of Srebrenica. Fotografija br. 0302.
Kill the monsters.

I’m on my side, you are on your side, god is on god’s side
And the holy TV spreads the good news. Hate machine.

I make the world my private bordello. Blood. God. United Nations in court.
I am losing against my TV.
I go home to my popcorn.
Sofa suicide.
Cut here.
Sofa suicide.
Health risks: hepatitis, rabies, typhoid fever, traveler’s diarrhea, unexploded land mines, lies, red ink. TV.
They die twice, once on 11/07/1995, and once when we forget.
Blood flies, sofa amnesia, sofa suicide, my sofa is my king.

I am a citizen of my TV.

Exactly what happened in Srebrenica ?


What media are you working for ?