art mécanik
motels murder


My vision is paved with mines
8th Bosnian landmine.

United colors of bodybuilders
Same solutions for a too small planet
Just do it, pop the magic candy
Brand my brain
Show me fame
Jump from the 52nd floor
Give me some more, I need a logo tattoo
It is ok, if it’s coke mixed in my needles
United colors of anorexia
White turning blue
Let me die in style
Put my revolution on Wall Street
Put it behind walls
Behind bars of numbers
Sociably acceptable
Jump start my emotions
Steroids to my compulsions
Killerloop, lollypop
Kill for a successful living
Diesel for your gun powder
Absolute anything
Everything will do
Be the new prophet
Be the VIP of the next revolution,
Kill the sheep
Multiply the fishes
And make them hooked.
World wide junkies

My life is not sponsored / It is not manufactured in your sweat factories / Why can’t I be somebody else? / A mutant / An error / Get off my addictions / Get off my hopes / Leave my dreams without publicity / Do not photocopy me / Get me out of the wishing well / My brain is soup / Leave your alphabets out / Let me be / I am no bodybuilder / I want to be / But I don’t know / I don’t know / My mind is a mine field / Get out / I need to breath / I nee d sommer r9oon / Ger me ouyt ofd the bath tub / Get me out of here / Ineed to breth.uis swallow I swalooow / Get me out / inedtobreathytopu are friend whydontyoumoveyoustink / Funk / Whatisgoingon&? / Fuck / Wht is goingon&?/ What is going on ?

I nweed tioknow I need to know ?6 What is going on ?

Killerloop Lollypop

Lollypop Killerloop