art mécanik
motels murder


Jelly fishes
Dead blue clown in blue fish boll
13th Bosnian landmine

My head is a pumpkin rolling towards nothing
Towards you
My tongue sticks
My eyes are scratch and sniff
Hold my hand
While I stand, while I wait
I am the bait
See the hole at the back of my brain
See me rising in the morning rain
See me faint
White chalk around me
On the cement, around me
See me smile
I’ve got two rows of teeth
Fake gold teeth
I float like a dead shark
See the trap I have become
I stood watching as the clock tic toc bye bye
Kiss good night to my sinking smile
Hold my hand
As I drown
My head is an empty pumpkin
Traffic jam tears up my soundless throat
My freezer screams, the freezer screams
No phone call, no emergency, no 911 for dead me
White chalk in wrong finger
Wrong number
I am a smelly dishwasher
Soaking bed sheets memories dry now
I set fire to the Christmas tree
I blow the pumpkin free
Throw it in front of the train please
Hang me from a tree
Sigh here, set me free
My memories are beautiful dead fishes
Bright colors at the bottom
Of a waterless aquarium
No more days with you
Way more water in my lungs
Fish and microchips to go
My wings are wet
Fish and microchips to go
It is now safe to kill your phone number
It is now that I paint my bathtub red
It is now that I forget
My head is a pumpkin exploded
A boll of cold soup
Expiry date over rated
I stick my tongue in the socket
I stick my tongue in the socket
I want to close my eyes
Vanish in you again and again
Forever blind full of stars
You are a wishing well
I throw myself like a rusty coin
Spare some change
I sow a time machine at night
I press fake dollar bills by day
I print big phone books with your number
There is a hot balloon in my shower
I sleep on a roller coaster
I lay down on the tracks
Time the time bomb
Smile for the news
It is six o’clock
My head is a pumpkinseed
6 feet under the ocean deep
I kiss the jellyfish
Will you be my 3rd degree burn?
Will we kill the clock dead?
Is my expiry date overrated?
Have we ever met?
I live in a memory winebagoo.
Bib bib bib please try again
Sorry, please try again
I am a memory winebagoo.

Please try your call again.