art mécanik
motels murder


Berlin Zoolg. Garten
Get me out of the crashing waves.
h2o war tears.
4th Check Point

Happy hour 9 to 5 empty glass, fake smile, butterfly brains
The rest is yours
Sunshine supermarket, don’t kill the clouds
May Day
Fuck parade, pumpkin lips, empty beds, free fall
Verboten, S.O.S. caress, zoo love, war tears, the rest is yours.
The rest is yours.
Kill the tenderness butcher
Save the love terrorist
Forget winter, save me from north pole love
Flesh bomb, plane terrorist alone in bed
Don’t lose me in orbit, space age is too cold.

Cut here.

Find me.
S.O.S. find me a baby
Kiss and kill
I am a UFO
Find me for free, wanted dead or alive reward one dollar
body hunter
I am a UFO
Rosa Luxembourg is dead
All the women I love are called Rosa
Motion sickness
Duty free
Je suis un petit déluge portatif sans toi.

Last lady before bullet hole
Absinthe can make you crazy have another drink and another
and another
Don’t kill the dead volcano
Last lady before tear volcano
Have another drink

Happy hour May Day

Have another drink.