art mécanik
motel murders


08- Come to karaoke with me. I’ll say the proper words. Enchant me with cheap fortune teller romance, I am the barber.

Eight red rice paddy.
There will always be sex at the top of the barbershop. Miss universe will always die in a parking lot. OKTV, Kidnapping, water bed leaking, refugee bars, chopstick kiss, rubber child, climb on top of mount Venus, pay to sleep, see the goddess, cheap caress, MTS, life has never been fair, love is a foreign affair.

Love is a foreign affair.

Diamond mines, shameless crimes, ageless wars, marry me sugar daddy, fast sex on the highway, put my legs on MTV. My legs open like an ocean, dive in submarine, smell my underwear, grab my hair, sing, love me from behind, my breast red, my head in the pillow, cum derrick, saliva in my hair, candlelight masturbation, sin, orgy, I love you, go deep, invite a friend, I’ll sixty-nine her, climb on top of us, make us love, loose my bra, vampire, truckers and mirror ladies, air freshener, starvation, I will always crave, centerfold maps, you are here, Miss universe dead in a parking lot, scissors sex and barber’s dream, SOS lipstick, carry me out of the barbershop, blind masseuse, pay and see, love me, pay and forget, pay to forget, sweet bed, I stay alone behind. I stay alone.

Beautiful flowerbeauty soap


Free the barbershop slave.