art mécanik
motel murders


15- WARNING : this article contains material witch may offend and may not be distributed, circulated, sold, hired, given, lent, show, played or projected to a person under the age of 18 years


I will not smile to the camera.

The beautiful buildings under me
Are the sticks of the happy Hi-King
And all the apartment rooms are goldfish bowl.
I look for future in the eyes of the blind
Three grain of rice in the orange bowl
And the wind charmer sings a song of hope.
45 Hong Kong dollars.

Everybody wants to be free
Everybody want a mattress
With a jade eye beauty
So we burn incense spiral, 15 days,
We ride the dragon to forget, 15 years
I cannot forget.
I will not shake Buddha’s hand.
I too am blue
And I look for the future like a blind fortune teller
Your arms are a massage to my heart
But the bars close early
Cover charge and alcohol free
And I walk alone
To a home I don’t have.
I am alone and free.

I drink the snake poison
And read the lines of life in my hands
Like the different plane routes in the glossy airline magazine
Please remain seated until the complete stop of the aircraft
I fly away, I flee
Away from absence
From the perfume of your plastic skin
Nothing to declare, the earth is too small
Please remain seated until the complete stop of painful love
The sun is alone too, over the clouds
And airplane food is addictive.

The sun alone over the clouds
In no man’s land
Is the most beautiful sight on earth
After your eyes over the clouds of my pillows.

You live far.
I don’t live at all.
Motion sickness
This is a smoke free flight
Kiss the frog
Kill the incense seller
Spin the wishing turtle
I am a gold fish lost in sand
Gold fills up my ears, I am death
Altitude 3500 km, - 273 degrees
Let the Hi-King sticks fall
Let the dust under the carpet,
Let the buildings implode
Forget me, I speak another language
I live in a duty free magazine
Cheap perfume and boarding cards
The earth is too small
I still can smell you
I dream of you in the airport hard seats
You are my hand luggage
Final call, final call,
The plane will never land
Kill the love hostess
Ring the bell
In case of depressurization,
The oxygen mask will fall
Incense ashes will fall
Hi-King sticks will fall
Calendar pages will fall
Forbidden apple will fall
And I will rise again
And visit a farm, a zoo and a ranch
In 40 days.