art mécanik
motel murders


29- No more gravity allowed

I walk on clouds
I free the barbershop slave
I close the temple demolition center
I kill the student revolution butcher
I a am promise
A low gravity prince
See me in high-fi resolution
I come from afar
Please note checkout time is 12 noon
I tell lies, I am a foreigner
I came from far to pay and see.

I walk on clouds
I smell the barbershop slave
I climb the back store stairs
To feed the bed surfer
Free the submarine from the rum bottle
Free the seagull from the swimming pool
Free the whale from the closed beach
Free the goldfish from destiny
Feed me
Free me from her rented arms
Paint the trees white
Feed the beds
Sunny postcards
First ferry
You are the dragon’s breath
You are the dragon’s dream
I am only a wish
And I come and go
And I come and go.

Don’t let me be a cloud sleepwalker
Don’t let me fall
Still I go to the barbershop
Still I pay to love
My freedom is a genie in a bottle
I always bring it with me
My freedom is a genie in a bottle
I throw it at the sea
My freedom is drunk in a bottle
At the bottom of the Red Sea
TV is opium
My bed is a booby trap
My dreams are quicksand
I fall
Lipstick torture, eyelash ideology
My lover is a souvenir shop full of pornography
Back store barber shop
Back door Asian love
Sun ceviche, sexy card deck
Bullet banquet, open buffet
Her legs are an open buffet
KTV love, light bulb sex
I dive in lust
I fall from the clouds as I come
PLEASE clean the room.
DON’T trouble please.

Light bulb exploding between her legs.
Glass sex.
I pay the barbershop slave.
I am the butcher
with scissors love
and travelers check.