art mécanik
motel murders



8ième bouteille à la mer

Snowflake whispers

Voodoo kisses in a frozen wishing well.

Words are dollar bills
Art is a lovely lonely field
Fear is there
Mind baobab in snowflake lyric
Mind baobab,
Upside down reality
Roots towards the sky
Snowflake, never two the same
Water from the sky
Two sides of a brain to change the world
I carve icebergs 2/3 unconscious
Icebergs warm
Warm icebergs
Words to change the world
Snowstorm in the eyes of child
Northern light whisper
I cross the North Pole
And still I stay in warm arms
Still I stay with warm eyes
With a warm heart
I kiss the sky open
Winter is a state of mind.

warm polar system
glow in the dark dreams