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5th frontier

Kitchen maze

Is it you or me?

Is it a bottle or a bullet?
There is a black hole in my heart
The pressure is strong
To put my mind on a scale
A black hole in my skull
It is too cold
Minus 273 degrees
White out
No sun
No words
Kitchen maze
I am a lost bullet
Or is it an empty bottle?
Lost at sea
Kitchen floor white and cold
Is it a bullet or a bottle?
A needle or a gun?
A shooter?
Never mind I shoot
I lost my mind I shoot
I love you
Heart failure
Late kitchen gaze
Northern light scalp
Clue my heart back
I roam
Glue stick
I hit the walls
I can’t walk strait
I can’t think strait
I can’t shoot
Black hole
White out
Glue stick stuck in my nose
Church basement meetings
Black holes
Blood on the kitchen floor
Red on white
I love you?
I lost myself
A bullet or a glue stick
A gun or a song
A church or a bar
A love or a death
No words
No sun
No roads
No trees
Nowhere to go
A bottle in the gun
A bullet in the mouth.



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