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Eden Motel
Film film



L'esplanade des Mosquées
25ème pierre de lancée

Pretty soldier

Bullet proof lingerie

Green lingerie, cement eyes, blood lipstick, you look good, miss M 16. X-ray my bags, x-ray my heart, look in my underwear, undress, show me your soldier’s skin, sin, spin, films, wet dreams, close circuit security camera, wigs or veils, nails, sexy soldiers, women in uniform, Kalashnikov girls, sweet bullet perfume, sun glass, lipstick, style, sex in uniform. I want to sleep with the enemy. Why is she the enemy? Is she the enemy? Kiss me while you stamp my passport… Caress me with your gun. Let me go trough.

Sin season, my heart pumps lipstick. Feed my hands, feed my wet dream, feed my gods, my wall and my rocks, feed my gold fish, my cold bed, open the checkpoint, feed my skin, sin, smile for me, lower your ray-bands, show me your dark eyes, curly hair, green lipstick, why are you so good looking, why do you smell so good, undress, bulletproof bra, let me go trough, hummer, ambulances, curly black hair smelling, perfumed kaki camouflage suit tight on your breasts, harden your nipples, warm my gun, humidity, sweat, close circuit security TV, wigs or veils, 2 years of service for women, sexy soldier, flowery tank. Open the checkpoint. Open your legs. You can’t be a killer, you smell too good. Life is complicated. Life is complicated. Step on my clothes with your steel toe boots. Your steel breasts rust.

Why is the soldier sexy?
Why is she smiling?
Why does she smell good?
Why is she pretty?

She was so good looking at Erez Check point. She smiled. Laughed at my jokes. I wanted to go trough. I wanted to be charming. It was easy. Her suit was tight, she was healthy. Black curly hair.

They opened my bags, there in the military cabin.
Her fellow worker came in
And stepped on my closes.
By mistake.
Steel toecap on backpackers bed sheet.
Dusty steel toe footprint in my dreams.

They didn’t let me in. Not important enough, they said. Nobody could go in. I came back. Here she was.

  - You didn’t go trough?
  - No.
  - Life is complicated. Life is complicated. Now leave the ground.

She wasn’t smiling anymore.





Debut de L'esplanade des Mosquées

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Debut de L'esplanade des Mosquées