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Eden Motel
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L'esplanade des Mosquées
35ème pierre de lancée

(Souvenir shop)

Sell my body on empty TV.

Empty mirrors
Refrigerators of horrors
Kosher plane meals
Lufthansa, KLM, Air Rwanda
I was born in thoughts
Paris, Orléans, where they burn women
2 million women to the stake
Paris where pride is eaten raw
Beirut’s broken teeth
Smile to the camera
To the fellowship of horror
Damascus crows
Sexy ghost
White page, black cell,
Shake the hand of the bloody guard
Palestine doesn’t exist
It is a necklace in a souvenir shop
In a refrigerator, no ice no water
A pearl necklace on a prostitute’s face
Live by the Dead Sea
Swear the password
Smile to the camera
Palestine does not exist
International plague
Black beach
Petrol seagull
Bombed souvenir shop
Terrorist teenagers
Palestine is a shot
A crack head queen
A bullet in the veins
200 cc
Everybody’s high
Pierce my tongue
I live backwards
My mirror shows me dead
My tombstone is already carved
Pray for me on empty TV
Sell my body to the new army
Nothing changes
Lost in memories
Clandestine solitude
Nobody wins
Nobody writes my story.

Nuclear bomb in my mother’s belly
Nuclear fish at the bottom of the dead sea
Rust in engine
Dynamite in glove compartment
Dead bodies in front of hotel rooms
Never trust a driver
All cars are jagged
Nuclear bomb in the uterus of memory
Only winners write history
No winners here
No book to study
Nothing to understand
But fear.

Paris is pride
Beirut is oblivion
I love you, do I know you ?
Damascus is speechless
I don’t know you
Jerusalem is an earthquake
Jerusalem will always be flooded
I live in the past
I exist tomorrow
Now, I am you.
I am you.)

Pour toi, André Lenaerts.
On se souvient de toi




Debut de L'esplanade des Mosquées

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Debut de L'esplanade des Mosquées