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L'esplanade des Mosquées
37ème pierre de lancée

Dead Sea memories.

One meter

From witch side of life are you from?

Which room of the Titanic did you choose?

I sink
I live down there
In the Dead Sea
Where nothing lives.

I never learn
There is no truth
Only occupation
There is no justice
Only illusions
Swallow me
Water my flowers
Swim with me unconsciously
The sea is warm, dead
Cave diving
Nurse sharks
Car crash
Dead celebrities
Holy manuscripts
What do we know?
My truth or yours?
My bed or yours?
Yours truly
Broken jaw and forbidden history.

I don’t want to knell down
Only winners speak
Only they write the past
There is no winner in this country
Beirut is lost
There will not be any history books
No one learns
The warlords are coming back
Old flags beating again
Same mistakes same dead children
Same songs
Old flags
Feedback microphones
Fast forward
I sleep in a souvenir dump
In rusting memories
Salt sand blood tears in her eyes
No one there
No one else
Truth is a dead word
A bomb in the trunk
An exploded hotel room
Truth is a swollen corpse
Floating above the salt
Where only bacteria lives
Forgotten empire
Forbidden testaments
Truth is a word
And words are imperfect
Everybody lies
Will I die?
And why?

Kiss the snake
Kill the businessman
Walk on water
Listen to the cedars
The dragon is unleaded
Waterproof bumper
Car wash
Watch yourself in petrol
In the mirror water
See yourself tomorrow
In the jaws of the Salt Sea
Nothing moves
The waves are dead
Time is dead
and so is wonder
Drink the sugarless coffee
Undress the bride
Don’t hesitate
Unleash the dogs
Forgive the gods
Undress yourself
Sink with me
I am the sponge
The bacteria
The virus
The salt rose
Jagged car parking lot
Everyone is welcome
Salt water fills my lungs
Salt blood fills my hands
Salty oil drips from the bomb
I dissolve
My skin breaks
My lungs implode
I drown
Follow me
I cry an ocean a day
Follow me
Let’s leave the highway
I cry an ocean a day

Rock breathe
Salt heals
Cedars talk
But me, I drown
My body floats above
I drown in petroleum
Windshield washer
Shoeshine boy
Listen to the cedars
To the forbidden manuscripts
The lost testaments
Listen to the cedars
Wooden cadaver
Ghost ships
Nails from the cross
Rocks breathe
Salt heals
Cedars talk
I drown
I cry the tides
Hold my arms while I disappear

The docks of lies are free
Open 24 hours a day
The Dead Sea is black with ink
Newspaper show my picture in negative
The docks of lies are free
They surround you
In the songs
In the flags
In the wedding cake
The sugarless coffee

You can breathe if you choose
Credit card only.

When I hit the water of your eyes
I float
I can’t go in
Nothing lives there
Nobody dies for you
Nothing is eternal

From witch side of Beirut are you from?
Ocean side or city streets?

From witch side do you lie to yourself?

Bullet-proof skin
Global economy
I follow Jericho’s walls
I swallow bacteria
I drank the sea sugarless
Follow me to the bottom of humanity
I drink so much death
The Dead Sea goes down
One meter a year
I swallow so much lies
One meter a year
We’re all going to die
So will the Sea
One meter a year
The Jordan River whispers shameful stories
Of swimming pools fenced
Of palm trees dry
Of families thirsty
That is the real Dead Sea
One meter a year
Jericho city
Lower than ocean level
Lower than human tolerance
There is no truth
No justice
Follow me to the bottom
No sound no light
No lies
Forbidden scrolls
Forgotten fields
Tagged butterflies
Jagged cars
Land mines
The massacres of the innocents
Every baby under 2 years
The Sea goes down
One meter a year

Stones from the Dead Sea
Pull me down to the bottom
Lava Rivers from Galapagos
Fill my throat
Frogs falling from clouds
Rainbow metal green
I see everything
Last images
Last supper
But not the last war
Flags beating again
Checkpoint to death
Patriotic songs in the cedars
Kalashnikov fishbone
Feedback microphones
Kids with guns
Frogs and dogs and gods
The moon pulls the blanket towards her
The tide
The man pulls the trigger towards the president
The truth
The car pulls over
From witch side of your heart do you love?
Where will I be remember now that I am dust
Witch room at the St-George
Kill the dragon stop the car
No more fish in the Mediterranean red
No more lies in silence
The Dead Sea is a mirror
It shows us the future
It shows me the way I am.

I am the dead
Cold limbs
Still eyes
Watery lungs
Swollen skin
Open mouth
White fists

No fish to eat me
Salted cremation

I rest at the bottom
In the nuclear impact
In the ruins
Of the forgotten realms
Of the forbidden dreams
With the only Truth

Is there a bottom to the ocean of death?

There is no truth.




Debut de L'esplanade des Mosquées

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Debut de L'esplanade des Mosquées