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Eden Motel
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Fake dollar bills

Chapitre suivant du carnet de voyage
Fake dollar bills, écrit à l'été 07,
au sud des Us of A.

Please pay before fuelling
    Gasoline burns

Drive Tru Fast Food
Drive Tru Drugstore
Drive Tru Cash machine
Drive Tru your life
Highway child
High-speed fast car
Fashion bomb high heels
Rest area
Vans, vans, vans
Wide turn and blind curves
Drive Tru beauty parlors
KwiK Kar wash and KKK
Elvis Presley is swinging like a strange fruit
Marilyn is dead in the garbage bin
Drive Tru weeding
Eat in your car
Fuck in your car
Die on the side of the speedway
Skid burn childhood
Overweight diabetics
Drive Tru somebody’s kids
Flat tire
Pickup truck hunters,
Dead girls body naked on the hood
Unleaded Gulf war
High on octane
Home of the Holy Burger
God’s Pawn shop
Drive Tru death with a smile
Drive Tru horror and raise your window
Dead girls body naked on the hood
Horny calendar

They found me naked in the middle of the highway
It all began with a hanging
Elvis Presley is swinging naked at the end of the branch
Strange fruit
Elvis is dead
The highway never ends
Bridgestone Goodyear
Gun store
Hate movement
Drive Tru murder without a beat of the eye
Let the horizon be flat like a blade
Let the desert swallow the corpse

Close circuit Motels

Gasoline burns




Debut du carnet
de voyage
Fake dollar bills

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Debut du carnet
de voyage
Fake dollar bills