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Fake dollar bills

Chapitre suivant du carnet de voyage
Fake dollar bills, écrit à l'été 07,
au sud des Us of A.

    August 29, 2005. Nothing is rebuilt.

Lady of Fear, water snake charmer, rip the blind fold away
The world opens to what it is
Flood our TV with proof of the lie
The aberration
Superdome treachery
Refugees, help, snakes and rats floating
Alligators and shooting police helicopters
Hell is a cop firing at roof refugees
Dead bodies floating, taken as aims,
Flood America with the lie
The riches are dry, the poor are swollen with still water
Troops in Iraq, nobody to save the blacks,
The lie drowns all of us,
The rich stays dry
Blow open the old slave warehouses
Rip open the 9th ward
Let the saints swim
Let the snake bites
Rooftop crawling with filth and them dying
Superdome reinventing chaos
White tile back seat toilet mass rape
Even the cops won’t go in
Guns and gangsters and human crawling
They are happy, at least they have a roof
Says fucking Laura Bush
Put her perm in the toilet bowl
Let the hurricane in the toilet bowl swallow her
While she witness
While she watches mass rapes
Crying babies
Infection and murderers roaming drunk
Let the old slave warehouses rust
Let the wind tear down the past
The fury of history’s lies
Still flood our screens
Nobody remember
No surrender
Nobody to help
Fighting another war
Another lie
Weapon of mass destruction at home
Under our own rug
Mass raping in overcrowded stadium

See you all in the slave market
Don’t be shy to cry
Let the warehouse be raised
Let the voodoo queen be free
Let the flood wash her tombstone
She the speechless now screams in fury
She the powerless, now she curses
The dams are open
The façade of society’s lies crushed
The rich stayed dry
Hurricane evacuation road
She sleeps in the waves and screams in nightmares that swallow us all
She wanted all to sink
The slave market
The warehouses where they were stacked
The land that grows of their blood
The houses where their son’s live
The lies where we all die
The lie that is still roaming under our skin
Everything is flooded
No more shame
No more whips
No more Eden wood
Teeth checkers
Coffin boats loaded with cadavers
Roof top cries for help
Rape in stadium’s public toilet
Snakes in politician’s mouth

We tear down houses.

We tear down houses




Debut du carnet
de voyage
Fake dollar bills

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Debut du carnet
de voyage
Fake dollar bills