19 /03/2008

art mécanik
Eden Motel
Film film



Fake dollar bills
1 000 000$

Chapitre suivant du carnet de voyage
Fake dollar bills, écrit à l'été 07,
au sud des Us of A.

Firing range
    Room 38cc

125088 Km
Jump start now

Heart broken fame
See me cry on live television
I see you kiss and kill on 6 o clock news
On the late night channels
Gun show talk show
Late night TV tenderness
Stay at home
She choose the camera
I stay home
The ratings give more love than me
Movie star, dead highway cow
Perfumed motel soap
Highway junkie
Late night TV tears
Cheap motel ghosts
Skeleton under queen size bed
38c-24-35 cup
Gideon bible and TV guide.
Bullet proof bed sheets
Gun show host

Found dead in room 38c
While the tv is still on
And the bathtub full.

Discounts on firearms
2007 gun show dates, aug. 7, sept. 2.
Bring your guns & tell your girlfriend
Buy… Sell… Trade
See you there !

Don’t let the bullet get lost
The catfish are playing hide in seek
With my love

Quicksand desert lost shoe
I’m lost
The stars are bullet holes
The butcher’s knife is sharp
The lost bullets, plenty
The warm gun smoking
Trailer park life
Trailer park love
Trailer park shootout.
A common side effect of medical weight loss.
My body has become a firing range
My bed, a firing range
My dreams, a firing range
My TV, my ice tea, my plastic lady
Firing ranges.
We exclusively use high quality Winchester ammunition.

134890 Km.




Debut du carnet
de voyage
Fake dollar bills

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Debut du carnet
de voyage
Fake dollar bills