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Cinquième grain de riz sous la langue

Cambodge, carnet de voyage, printemps 2010.

Choeung Ek killing field
    Plastic bags and petroleum clothe.

Put my head in a plastic bag
Push it deep in the mud
At the bottom of the rice paddy
Make me swallow troubled waters
Make me drown in memory.

I talked.
I will never do it again.

Swallow my tongue
Stuff love down my bowels
Hide it form vultures 15 years old
Let it rot
Drown pride with it
Stained cloth in my mouth
Jump-start years
Start every thing up from scratch
Start from zero
Learn to count
To walk, to dream
Start from scratch
Watch my dreams on KTV
Make me sell my kids
Year zero
Starve me
Scars in eyelid
Starve me
Starve me
Starve me
Rebuild me
Reeducate me
Make me sell my daughter
My kids, my thoughts, my kids
Make me a madman
Suicide me.

Bone to dust
Tears to table salt
Hope to submission
Dreams to fried insects
Art to oppression
Terrorize color
Tear up my fingernail
Tear up my skin
Metal in my sex
Acid down my eyes
Furniture penetrates me
Old wood deep in my body
My passion
My youth
My innocence
My revolt
Turn it into an army
A cheap army
Save bullets
Child soldiers
Midnight bed leak
Machine guns
Make me walk in line
Make me beg on the bathroom tiles
Stain them red
Crouch behind your words
Kill behind your ideas
Enslave me
Your words
Your dreams
Your lies
Your killings
My body
My nightmares
My lover
My baby
You throw babies on walls
You crush their heads
Life has no value
Humanity ferments in vomit
A plastic bag over its head
A stained petroleum clothe
Deep down its mouth
Teeth broken
Eyes full of blood mud
At the bottom of the dried rice paddy
Life is worth nothing
Children are disposable
Pigs, we are pigs
Flies, we are flies
Worms, we are not edible
Dream for me
Talk for me
Think for me
Reeducate me
Reduce me
I am you.

A killer.




Debut de la série "L'AN ZÉRO"

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Debut de la série "L'AN ZÉRO"