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Neuvième grain de riz sous la langue

Cambodge, carnet de voyage, printemps 2010.

    Reeducation camps.

5 AM in the fields

Overpopulated, I flee.
A knife in the hand, a pen of blood, I kill for a living.
I write myself another life.
My hands clench on a neck in hope of a future.
The eyes, the legs, the muscles, the corpse resist, life fights.
Tomorrow will open wells. Meals are awaiting. Sun shines even on our crimes.
How to forget ? Who will remember ? Who am I ?
I am your shadow.
I am your monster.

The corpse is silent.

The corpse is cold.

Inside it, there is a world. Inside, there is the universe.
Inside, there is tomorrow. My meat is yours. Mysteries dried up. My soul is crushed. I hate.
I learn fast.
I hate.

But I know beauty exist.




Debut de la série "L'AN ZÉRO"

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Debut de la série "L'AN ZÉRO"