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Vingt-cinquième grain de riz sous la langue

Cambodge, carnet de voyage, printemps 2010.

    Please pay respect to the spirits of victims
by offering flowers and lighting an incense and candle
in front of the charnel before starting your visit at the site.

United we rush
Homo Sapiens and auto genocides
Cannibalism and free market
Capitalism, human trafficking, bordellos, and stock market
Sunsets and sweatshops
Sunrises and mass exodus
Masses walking towards the sun
Towards the shop
Towards another day
Towards nothing
United we rush
Please stay in line
Please pay the prostitute
Please buy my land
Please tell me lies
Make me belief
Hungry monks
Bonzes playing with gasoline
Buddhas for sale
Little girls for sale
Country for sale
Year zero
Zero deficit
Cannibalism and capitalism
United we rush
United we run
United we rust
United we rot
The sun sets
The sun sleeps
We don’t.

The hungry bonze lights the match
The flame
Unleaded petroleum
Unleashed dominions
The flame spreads
Light in the night
Not a scream

Keep your eyes on the ground
Electroshocks and Chicago doctrines
My country is for sale
Torture taught in economic departments
Brainwash me
Speed is power
Immense is the dream
Always straight ahead
Doubt kills
The world is at our feet.

The flame spreads
Another one
Then another.

And people burning.

Hear them
Hear the light.

- Rules & Regulations -
(Rules apply to all persons entering this facility)

    1. Visitors are subject to search
    2. Visitors must dress appropriately (no halter tops, shorts, sun suits, spandex, or revealing attire)
    3. No purses, handbags, backpacks or other types of luggage are allowed in the visitation area (items must be left in a locker or in vehicle)
    4. Knives, sharp objects or any item deemed inappropriate will not be allowed
    5. Persons intoxicated or acting inappropriate will not be permitted it visit and will be escorted from the premises
    6. Visitation will be discontinued if either visitor or inmate conduct themselves inappropriately
    7. No food, beverages, or cell phones
    8. Handicap accommodations are provided

- Accepted first eight (8) days:
(3) T-SHIRTS- white only
sign up begins 30 minutes prior to visitation




Debut de la série "L'AN ZÉRO"

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Debut de la série "L'AN ZÉRO"